by tada

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Cant get it in a box store.


released April 21, 2011

recorded in chapel 7 2011. instrumentation on track 2 ,5,6 by Davis Hooker



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tada Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Father Part 1
I am hungry. I am thirsty. I am broken. I am week. When you hear me, beg for mercy. Oh heal me lord please.
Track Name: Sower
: I know, I can hear you in these notes. You’ve been here this whole time. You’ve been here this whole time. You’ve sown, incantations of your ghost. All through my mind. Your in my mind. I was cast, like a seed, to this rugged broken world. The earth stunts my growth. I’m completely unfulfilled. This prison of a bedroom, it’s the hard ground were I fell. And all the seeds around me, agree this place is hell. Listen close, to the whisper of these chords. To the harmony, of sun light adorned.
Track Name: Fraud
didint we all know, that we could hear his voice. when you dont say a thing, that's when he's listening. Aint no building higher, then the mountains he created. so breath the breath the mountain air. In here.
Track Name: Forest
is it true what they say. that you've built your own, personal hell. were no one cares, for any one else, but them selves. stand your moral high ground. off and away. no were to be found.
i only deal in the facts.
i only deal in the real raw stuff.
got a problem with that?
got a problem with us?!
i only deal in the crap.
i only deal in the real wrong stuff.
got a problem with that?
got a problem with us?
because were no were to be founf.
i only deal in the crap.
Track Name: TADA - PMD
m a person that needs mercy that makes me what i am. i am liveing in a lie i am out on the lamb. and the starlite desert sky is the blanket that im in. and the fire thats outside me also burns with in. so hold me under, the deep deschutes water. and let me drift with the caddis beneath. and lift me up like a plae morning dun. and let me spin and fall again. order is the auther, that my life could never get. and always was the offer that i knew that i would regret. like the hook that i set. or the wild i met. dancing like a mayfly dancin in the moonlight. like we just got this one night. there goes i.
Track Name: Moog
I have broken the heart, of many good women. If this is my life, then life aint worth livin. I have worried my guts to the place were there quittin. Feeling at home, breeding indecision.
Were will i go, with a will that i know, will lead me sraight to my death. The way i behave leads me straight to the grave, and its there that i hope for rest. It is there i hope for rest.
by the time i got to breaking your heart. all of my insides were falling apart. we hashed out a few words to make us feel smart but meanwhile my insides were falling apart.
Track Name: I Believe
it was like a night just like tonight. it was you and i just like tonight. it was like a light walked in my life. it was you and i just like tonight. i have no power over god. i have no power over god. i have his sun who intercedes for me. I am great full for the work he's done. and i believe that God is love.
i believe that God is Truth.
i believe that were all confused.
were failable by nature yet valued by god some how. you know everything about me. you know every time i fail.
guess my hope is in your kindness so pleas Abba pleas lead me, in your, ever lasting way.
Track Name: Father P2
father im barley alive. shallow spoken hollow words they help me to survive. and father i meet with you, way deep in the pines. were starving i beg you for some sort of sign.